Request for Reassessment

Barrett Property Management is proud to start offering services to Nevada County and Placer County property homeowners who wish to request a reassessment of their property’s value, which is set by their local County Assessor’s Office.  

Amelia Barrett, owner and broker of Barrett Property Management, spent almost two years working for the Nevada County Assessor’s office.  She is very familiar with the request for reassessment process and is extending her knowledge to Nevada County and Placer County homeowners who believe their current value, as of lien date, is too high.  

If you believe that the market value of your property, on the first of the year, is LESS than what the county assessor has it valued at, you should call Barrett Property management!  After we complete our research, if we also believe the value is too high, we will complete and submit the necessary forms to request a reassessment, follow up with the appraiser assigned to your property, and keep you informed during the entire process.  Should the appraiser deny your request, we will work with you during the appeals process as well, if you choose this route.  

The deadline to file a request for reassessment in Nevada County is November 1, 2013, for Placer County it is December 31, 2013.  

Barrett Property Management offers these services for a flat rate of $50 per property.  Should your case go to appeals, an hourly rate will be applied thereafter (please inquire within for more details on the appeals process and applicable fees).  

For more information on the request for reassessment process, Proposition 8, and Proposition 13, please visit the links below: 

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