24 HOUR NOTICE OF ENTRY for Nevada County Rentals

Good Monday Morning Nevada County and Placer County friends!  Our friends, Pat & Kris, over at Manage to Make Money posted a great article regarding 24 Hour Notice of Entry.  Do you have a Nevada County or Placer County tenant that is not being cooperative in letting either you or your vendors in to view or repair the rental property?  Although it is pretty uncommon when we have uncooperative tenants in our Nevada City, Grass Valley, Colfax and Auburn rentals, we do experience this frustration from time to time.  Pat & Kris detail the correct 24 HOUR NOTICE OF ENTRY process for Nevada County and Placer County Rentals below.

“What do you do when need to access your rental property but are unable to coordinate schedules with your Tenants?  There are times when you need to get into your property to make repairs, show it to prospective Tenants, show it to prospective buyers or just to inspect the property and you can’t get a hold of your Tenants. We suggest that you go by the property and post it with a “24 Hour Notice of Entry” This is a legal document which tells the Tenant that in approximately 24 hours, you will be coming into the property to; and then you state your purpose.

Now you have to be judicious with the use of the 24 hour notice and not use it every week to go into your property. Your Tenant is entitled to the quiet use and enjoyment of the property. If you are using the notice to have repairs done… always accompany your workmen into the property. Also, it is a best practice that if/when you enter a Tenant’s property, that you have someone accompany you. In our our litigious world, this is for your own protection. It is also a good idea to try to contact your Tenant “one more time” before you enter the property. Also, document all the attempts you made to reach them or access the property.

You will be amazed at how when your Tenant receives their 24 Hour notice, they are miraculously available to meet you there!

In conclusion If you can’t reach your Tenant for access to the property, post a 24-Hour Notice of Entry, document all attempts to communicate with them and be sure that you accompany your workers when you/they go in.

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To view a short video on this same subject go to:  http://bit.ly/fiFr1T


Pat & Kris Larkin
Developers – ManageToMakeMoney.com