Why buy when you can rent in Grass Valley CA? Is renting the new trend?

Although many may think the trend in Nevada County and Placer County is buying a home to secure a solid future, other locals within our Gold Country community are finding the silver lining to renting a Grass Valley home.

A few of the benefits to renting vs buying a home in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, and Colfax can include: 

  • Freeing yourself from the burdens of homeownership including:
    • Maintenance Issues and Costs
    • Property Taxes and Insurance and
    • Having to remain in the same home with little room to move quickly, if need be.  
  • Choosing the community you want to live in regarding:
    • Good Schools
    • Safe Neighborhoods and 
    • Community Events and Activities

Check out the infographic below from Appfolios’s Blog regarding Rent is the New Buy.

Rent is the New Buy | An Infographic from Appfolio's Blog
Rent is the New Buy | An Infographic from Appfolio’s Blog