Nevada County Property Management Frequently Asked Q&A’s – Post #2

Q & A’s for Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, and Colfax tenants, renters, lessees, landlords, property managers, investment property owners, and everyone inbetween!      


Q#2: What factors can be considered when a landlord/property manager declines an applicant for a Grass Valley, Nevada City, Colfax, or Auburn rental property?  

A#2: There are numerous factors that a landlord/property manager consider when screening a potential tenant.  The most common factors include:

  • Income vs. Rental Rate
  • Credit Score, Activity, and Account Status
  • Rental History, often verified through previous landlords/property managers

You can find Barrett Property Management’s screening requirements on our Tenant Information page.


Q#3: What factors cannot be considered when a landlord/property manager declines an applicant for a rental property?  In other words, what Fair Housing laws are Landlords/Property Managers bound to abide by?   

A#3: A landlord/property manager cannot deny an applicant for a rental property to who is protected by state and/or federal fair housing laws.  According to the California Association of Realtors, the following list contains some of the factors that a landlord/property manager cannot consider in screening a potential tenant: 

  1. Race
  2. Color
  3. Religion
  4. Ethnic Background
  5. National Origin
  6. Familial Status
  7. Age
  8. Disability
  9. Sexual Orientation
  10. Whether or not the tenant’s source of income comes from public assistance
  11.  Arbitrary choices based on a personal characteristic
  12. HIV infection
  13. Gender Identity and expression
  14. Marital Status
  15. Ancestry
  16. Breastfeeding and any medical conditions connected to breastfeeding
  17. Religious grooming or clothing practices

For more information, please visiting the California Department of Consumer Affairs – Unlawful Discrimination

Barrett Property Management Frequently Asked Q&A's | Post #2