Renter’s Insurance on Nevada County and Placer County Rentals

Nevada County and Placer County Renter’s Insurance

Barrett Property Management requires all Grass Valley, Nevada City, Colfax and Auburn, CA Tenants to obtain renter’s insurance for their personal property, personal injuries occurring in the premises, and/or other damages that may occur. 

Renter’s insurance provides Tenants with coverage for loss, damage, or destruction of their Grass Valley, Nevada City, Colfax or Auburn rental property. It may also provide coverage for additional living expenses the Tenant may incur if the Premises becomes uninhabitable.  Such insurance can also protect the Tenant from any liability claims resulting from Tenant’s own activities. For example, if the Tenant’s negligence causes a fire, the Tenant may be held responsible for the damage of the property of others, including Owner’s property. Similarly, if a guest were to have an accident in the Tenant’s rental unit, the Tenant could be personally responsible for the guest’s injuries. 

Consult with an insurance agent to review your personal needs.  However, at Barrett Property Management, Inc., we always recommend trying to obtain renter’s insurance through the same carrier as your automobile insurance.  We have found that most companies will give a multi-policy discount, which ends up saving you monty in the end.  

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