Grass Valley CA Summer time = Good time to check for water pipe leaks at your rental | Property Management Tips

watering lawnWith the hot summer days upon us in Grass Valley CA, we tend to crank up the sprinklers to avoid brown lawns and weeping plants.  If your rental property is on city water (either NID, PCWA, or BVID) NOW is the time to check for water leaks or excessive water consumption.

One easy way to tell if you have a leak in your water pipes is to have your tenant watch the water meter when no water is being used.  If the meter is turning, there’s a chance a water pipe could be leaking.  This simple step will save either your tenant or yourself from having to pay a BIG unexpected water bill.

Barrett Property Management Nevada City works with Craig Johnson Plumbing of Grass Valley, CA.  Craig Johnson Plumbing delivers fast responses, top-notch work, and reliable services at reasonable rates.  They completed a water pipe leak repair on one of Barrett Property Management’s Grass Valley rentals yesterday.  We are glad to call Craig Johnson Plumbing “our” plumber!  

Don’t be caught with a BIG unexpected water bill this summer.  Get your water pipe leak fixed!