Value in Property Managment

Here is a great read for Nevada County real estate investment property owners regarding value in property management.  This article was written by Carrie Rossenfeld and is posted on the website.  Click the link below to read the article.

Tips to Creating True Value in Property Management

The article had some great points regarding the ever changing real estate property management industry, including key points to stay on top of the cutting edge leadership role.
Part of operating a successful company is aligning your business  model with BOTH proven successful historic operating systems AND modern technology.
Rossenfeld states that, “If you think about it, property management encompasses accounting, customer service, marketing, physical operations/engineering, contract management, project management and risk management. The historical model has been for a property manager or property-management team to handle all of these tasks simultaneously. The model that our industry is organically shifting toward is compartmentalization and centralization of the various disciplines, driving up service levels and driving down costs.”
As the Broker/President of Barrett Property Management, Inc., I believe that through all the cyclical change, the key component to a successful company is to listen and communicate well.