Tips for Do-It-Yourself Rental Property Owners

by: Amelia Barrett

America Apartment Owners Assocaition (AAOA) published a new article today geared towards “do-it-yourself” investment property owners titled: “8 Tips for New Landlords : For Rent by Owner

This is a great article to get the Nevada County new investment property owner started on the right path to renting their home and finding a great tenant.  

Two tips I especially agree with: 

1. “Gather the Paperwork”:  AAOA insisted that you find “professionally written legal documents,” and I would strongly agree.  California Association of Realtors and California Apartment Association are two organizations that I would recommend for the do-it-yourself investment property owners.  If you cannot obtain these forms on your own, you can call Barrett Property Management and we can provide you these documents for a nominal fee (click here to find out more).  Starting out with the correct legal paperwork will save you and your Tenants in the long run.

2. “Screening Tenants”: Thoroughly screening applicants is probably the most critical step in operating a successful investment property.  AAOA advises, “Check their credit references, especially past landlords. Also, verify employment and income with their employer reference.”  If you’re a property owner that has a hard time taking the personal aspect out of screening a potential tenant, then it’s probably best to hire a local property manager.  Barrett Property Management has such a good track record with placing top-notch tenants in their rental properties that we have made a name for ourselves in the Nevada County and Placer County rental communities.  Call us today, or click here, so we can help place a top-notch tenant in your Nevada County rental home!