Nevada County Chipping Program

Did you know that The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County offers a FREE defensible space chipping program?  This is a great benefit to BOTH investment property owners and tenants alike that own or live in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley and surrounding Nevada County areas.

Barrett Property Management, Inc. has teamed up with a local landscaping company to clean up our investment owner’s properties so that they are fire safe.  After the landscaper creates the piles alongside the road, we will submit all the necessary paperwork to Nevada County to have them chip brush that is cleared from defensible spaces of any permanent structure(s) and/or 30 feet from any roadside or driveway used for evacuation purposes.

For more information, you can visit The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County website.

Do your neighbors a favor and be a responsible investment property homeowner or tenant.  Keep your Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Penn Valley rental property fire safe!