Marijuana in Nevada County CA

Marijuana in Nevada County has continued to be a hot topic for the past couple of years.  The recent legalization of medicinal use in California has greatly shifted the way both commercial and residential properties are managed.  

We receive a handful of phone calls and emails each week regarding the ability to grow in/on properties for rent in Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Penn Valley.  The ultimate decision of whether marijuana cultivation is allowed on the property is the investment property owner’s decision.  

The main concern we see from our homeowners, which are our concerns as well:

  • “…increased crime from having so much cash on hand, the possibility of mold growth, fire hazards associated with lighting equipment and complications with the high amount of electricity needed for growing marijuana indoors.”  
  • ” It is important to remember, however, that under federal law marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance.  This classification creates banking, taxation, and other federal regulations.”   

We will continue to see shifting and changes in Marijuana in Nevada County CA until the Federal Government makes some decisions.  In the meantime, it is important to keep with the the progress.  Enjoy the below article from Journal of Property Managment Jan/Feb 2017 edition. 

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As States Legalize Marijuana, Laws Reamin Murky
As States Legalize Marijuana, Laws Reamin Murky. Jan/Feb JPM