Grass Valley and Nevada City Landlord Tips for Rentals

Are you a Grass Valley or Nevada City rental property owner?  Read on for landlord tips….

Here is a great read for Nevada County investment property owners from the American Apartment Owners Association, “6 Reasons Nice Guys Make Broke Landlords“. 

I often tell my Grass Valley and Nevada City investment property owners that one of the biggest reasons people hire a property manager is to take the “emotional” aspect out of the screening process.  This article agrees with that concept and suggests the following:  “Landlords who believe they can go with their gut in choosing a renter will often end up paying dearly for that mistake. Failing to perform a tenant background check, review the credit report, and speak to the current landlord can result in renting to someone who is unsafe or won’t pay their rent.  Avoid becoming a broke landlord by ordering a thorough criminal history records search, credit report, and reference check. Review every tenant background check to ensure a successful property management process.”

The article goes on to detail the other 5 reasons why Landlords often find themselves in trouble when they do not hire a property manager.  Another one that I agree with: “They rent to friends, family.”  Although a family member or friend may seem like the perfect tenant at the time, if you neglect to property screen them, a poor outcome often arises and friendships are ended.  

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