Install Good Quality Blinds in a Rental

Tenants really appreciate uniform quality blinds throughout a home.  If the property owner does not provided the blinds, the tenant will end up putting holes in the walls to create their own desired privacy.  And, at $25+ per hold to fix when the tenant moves out, the blinds become a “not-so-expensive” investment for a rental property.  In addition to privacy, blinds can give a home better curb appeal from the outside looking in. 

When I was recently shopping for some good quality blinds for one of my client’s Grass Valley, CA rentals, I was surprised to find that our local Nevada County stores like Hills Flat and B&C True Value had a limited selection of good quality blinds in the sizes and colors that I needed. (One a side note, I do have to say that Hills Flat has an awesome cafe with really good homemade foods!)  I try to support local businesses whenever possible, but this project required a trip down the hill to Home Depot in Auburn, CA to get what I needed.  

Not only did I find a great selection at Home Depot (a lot of sizes, colors, and slat widths to choose from), but they also custom cut the blinds free of charge!  I chose the darker faux wood blinds with the wider slats.  This complimented the darker existing baseboard trim in the house. Although I would have like to purchase the vertical matching blinds for the two sliding glass doors, these were custom order and I needed them that same day.  As an alternative, I ended up purchasing two drapery rods and drapes.  They still served the purpose of privacy, and also gave the home a more contemporary feel.  For the five sets of blinds, two drapery rods, and 4 sets of drapes, I paid a little over $500. 

Consider installing good quality blinds in your rental property.  Not only will the tenant appreciate them, but it will also save you money and repairs from multiple holes in the long run. 

Grass Valley, CA rental
    “BEFORE” photo of the Living Room with old drapes.





Grass Valley, CA rental
“AFTER” photo of Living Room with new faux wood blinds installed.