How To Be A Successful Landlord

Here is a great Info-Graphic by: Jacob Grant regarding  How To Be A Successful Landlord.

I strongly agree with most of these property management tips, especially the following:

#1: Use lease targeting:  It is always a good idea to have leases end in the spring/summer months.  Think about when an ideal time to re-rent a home in Nevada County, that is when the lease should end.

#2: Treat your rental like a business:  If I had a dollar every time I told my Nevada County rental property owners this exact statement, I’d be rich.  Regardless of if you’re choosing to rent to friends/family, you should always treat your investment property like a business, because it is!

#3:Screen out the bad tenant: There are TWO secrets to being a successful landlord, or running a successful property management company: 1. Quality Screening and 2. GOOD communication.  If you have a quality tenant in your rental, everything else just works.

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20 tips to become a successful landlord