Nevada County Local Green Clean Cleaning Lady

Ally's Green Clean, Grass Valley, CA

I stumbled upon an amazing hidden gem of Nevada County last week, Ally’s Green Clean.  The thing that caught my attention about Ally’s cleaning services is that her method of choice is steam powered cleaning.  This means that the majority of her jobs are completed with water, rather than harsh chemicals.  And, when something more that water is necessary, she uses all plant derived additives.  Ally explained to me that although organic cleaners like the brand Method smell wonderful, they are oil based.  This means that after cleaning your home, a layer of oil is left behind, which attracts dirt and dust.  In a few days you’re left cleaning again!  With Ally’s water steam power cleaning, surfaces are left clean and free from residue that cleaners can leave behind.  

Ally recently completed a tenant move-out clean for one of my upcoming listings.  This home is dated and has probably never had a deep-down cleaning…it was a lot of work!  She did an excellent job and really made this older home shine…not to mention that she pulled 17 POUNDS of dirt out of the carpet alone!  WOW!

Ally charges $200 for a move-out clean like this (homes up to 2,000sf) which includes steam cleaning the carpets, walls, appliances (she even pulls them out and cleans behind them), kitchen cabinets (inside and out), refrigerator, windows, bathrooms, lighting, and much more!  This value is UNMATCHED compared to other local cleaning companies.  

T.J.'s Auto Spa, Grass Valley, CAI jumped on the steam power cleaning bandwagon after taking our personal vehicle to T.J.’s Auto Spa in Grass Valley, Ca a few months ago.  He too utilizes only steam power to detail both the exterior and interior of vehicles.  Our black truck came out looking amazing.

Help support local Nevada County, CA businesses like Ally’s Green Clean and T.J.’s Auto Spa.  They are both passionate about the work they do and deliver amazing results.