Eviction Lawyer for Nevada & Placer Counties

I had the pleasure of meeting NorCal Eviction Lawyer, Elen Pass Brandt yesterday.  After our 2+ hour conversation I can honestly say I feel more than comfortable referring property owners to her for eviction legal services in Nevada and Placer Counties.  

Here number one goal as an eviction lawyer is to keep costs down along with giving the tenant the initial opportunity to actively participate in the requests being made by the property owner.  She understands that each tenant’s situation is unique, and thus encourages a “meeting of the minds” to occur before any legal proceedings will take place. 

She is dedicated to her clients and demonstrates this with her unmatched work ethic by personally answering all phone calls, email, and mail correspondence.  Her practical and common sense attitude will not only save you money, but also get you the best eviction legal services around!  

I strongly urge all Nevada County and Placer County property owners to contact Elen Pass Brandt, eviction lawyer, with any legal questions regarding tenant-landlord laws and eviction legal services.  

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