What can I deduct from a security deposit?

The American Apartment Owners Association recently published a very informative article for both Tenants and Landlords regarding moving out of a rental property and security deposit deductions.  Often times, Tenants can become frustrated because their idea of pre move-in condition and what the actual pre move-in condition was are two different things.  It is very important to keep in mind that damage caused by Tenant and/or pets is NOT considered “normal wear and tear”, regardless of the length of the tenancy.  Most good leases will include a Pet Addendum which states that any pet damage will be remediated to Landlord’s satisfaction by Tenant.  

A few things AAOA notes that Barrett Property Management, Inc. agrees with include the following:

  1. Always complete a move-in checklist.  This is to the Tenant’s benefit and will be referenced upon move-out.  I always advise my tenants to complete this BEFORE moving any furniture or personal belongings into the house so yo have the most clear picture of the home.
  2. Take pictures both of pre move-in condition and of any damage caused by Tenant that is not considered normal wear and tear.
  3. Both of these items can be done by Tenant/Landlord together or separate. 

Click the link below to read the article titled, What Can I Deduct from a Security Deposit?